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From Lima (Peru), the City of the Kings for the whole world. MDR (Mano de Robot) is a personal graphic design project that provides illustration services, visual identity and web design.

Effectiveness in management and rock and roll

My main objetive: Designing for brands with extraordinary purposes, just like yours. The projects developed for national and foreign brands are the perfect combination of research, strategy, planning and creativity. 



The design of illustrations with digital and traditional techniques, of high artistic and commercial level oriented to achieve the requirements and expectations of the target audience.

Visual Identity

We create and improve your brand, if you already use one we will make it more attractive that make to your all well known and strangers fell in love.

Web Design

Website design, if you are looking to renew your brand and take advantage of the internet to show the quality of your products or services.


If you want to show the true personality of your brand in an original way here and others cities, you need a service mesurable to your needs. You are looking for quality and period. Well, and also arrive on time.

A brighter future in graphic design


Do not let your brand go unnoticed because the change does not stop and fills every part of your body: the heart does not accept that you quit what you love to do. And once you know it, well, there’s no way back.

You should appreciate the circumstances no matter what they are because they will help you to be a better person, you can be wrong, but if you have the courage to admit it and accompany them with discipline and perseverance. No one knows everything. The great successes come from where you least imagine. Do not forget that everything starts with a strategy, know how to recognize a great occasion and have the right team. Only then you get in the race also dont forget to wear your best smile.

I’ll tell you why design…

Because the design as such contains a lot of everything and always has something wonderful to tell you, wherever you go.

Because I believe in brands that chase an extraordinary purpose and as we feel very enthusiastic for good ideas. Those ideas that are worth to fight for.

Because there are many successes in graphic arts that were achieved by brands that were to the service of people and not vice versa.

Because I want to beat down the mediocrity that ‘tames’ brains. Innovation will make you a rockstar.

Because it is wonderful to leave home with the inexplicable feeling that today you can make the impossible to possible.

Because we like to compete, you don’t always win, but you give your soul because that’s the way it is. In addition, the competition makes it more fun to arrive at the office every morning.

Because I like to compete, you don’t always going to gain, but you knew you gave your soul because that’s the way it is. Also  the competition makes every morning more fun to start.

This is my manifesto. You and me are people who want to do something for real.

Hi there, I'm Omar

Omar Romero is a Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist with more than 8 years of experience, working for both national and foreign brands (United Kingdom). I’m a Administration and Marketing (UPN) student and I collaborate voluntarily giving workshops on design within the framework of the #YoMeQuedoEnCasaAprendiendo campaign.

In all this time, I successfully directed the communication strategy of various brands and increased the ‘awareness’ that helped in the positioning objectives.

I’m willing to help you identify the DNA of your brand and communicate it together with you.

We work together?


For general inquiries or if you want an authentic change for your brand, please write me.


Address: Calle Carlos Gutiérrez Noriega 487 #602   La Victoria

Phone: +51 901 458 102 


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